Established in September of 2010

During the onset of a recession--it was then that Mike Lockling and Brian Nordlund ventured out to start their business. They decided to use their knowledge and vast experience in the woodworking industry to form a company that would allow them to build a future for their families and to build quality products that will last.

The team at Made To Order Woodworks, LLC are committed to the highest quality craftsmanship and service the industry has to offer. Taking pride in their ability to meet deadlines and budgets without compromising artistry or service. It is their passion to work with individuals just like you and be part of your next project!



Mike Lockling

From the time I was a young boy, I can remember making small wooden airplanes and cars. My Dad and Grandpa were both machinist and Metal Workers, and owned McNary Machine Corporation. I grew up around antique cars and airplanes and my Dad had many of them over the years. 

While I was going to High School in Prineville Or. I met an interesting fellow, Phil Rakowski, who built special effects for the Studios and Disney for 40 years. Phil told me he wanted to teach me something and take me under his wing. He looked at me and said “Mike, people can beat you up and flip you over and shake all the money out of your pockets, but they can’t take what you have in your head”. He also said “No matter what you decide to do for a living you need to make sure you have a trade or a skill set to fall back on so you will always have a means to feed your family someday”.  At the age of sixteen I spent many nights and weekends working with Phil in his shop learning to use the tools and building furniture and cabinets with him. I kept working and helping Phil for several years.

I thought I had found the best career there is. I really get a thrill from creating that special piece for someone and seeing their face when it’s delivered to them. I have never gotten over that feeling or what I learned from Phil in that wood shop, and his work ethic still resonates with me today. Today I have over Twenty years of experience in the woodworking industry.

Growing up in a family that owned and managed a small business for twenty five years has really made my decision to own my own company a natural one. 

I am kind of a polar opposite of my Dad and Grandpa. They worked hard with steel and other metals, but struggled somewhat with the wood part of restoring those antique cars and such. I build custom furniture and cabinets out of wood and always try to incorporate some unique piece of metal or other materials in to each project, and that has really became my passion.

Owning Made To Order Woodworks today has really fulfilled my dreams, and has allowed me to share my ideas, passions, and express myself through each piece that we create. I hope you will allow me to listen to you and help you create that masterpiece you have been dreaming about.

Brian Nordlund

I have always loved the outdoors and working with my hands. Even as a boy I was always tinkering or constructing something out of wood. As life takes you on many paths, my paths have always led to the construction industry. I have truly enjoyed working in the construction industry from Drafting and Design, to doing concrete work and framing, finish work and cabinetry, project management and production manufacturing. But my real passion was found in owning my own business, and providing a variety of woodwork ranging from Classic, Contemporary, Old world Design, and Vintage to name a few. I guess you can say I found my dream Job. 

I was still in middle school when I worked my first job clearing brush and trees for Scott Simpson a man who would later become a big influence in my future endeavors. I continued to work for Scott doing maintenance and remodel work and continued working for Scott through my freshmen year in high school. My Dad Paul George was always a huge influence in leading me and supporting me. Teaching me both hard work and determination. He always told me you cannot succeed unless you are willing to fail. 

As a sophomore in High School I began drafting house plans for a local contractor, and in the summers I had the privilege of dividing my time up to work with the framing and concrete crews, and just about every other aspect of the project. I continued working for the same contractor through college. 

After graduating high school I attended Chemeketa Community College for Computer Aided Drafting. Upon completion of a two year associates of applied science degree, I attended a project management construction estimating school. 

Over the years I have been able to hone my Project Management, Design, Drafting, and carpentry skills, working on a large variety of projects in Residential and Commercial. In residential I worked on small and large custom and spec housing. In commercial I have worked on Hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities, Dialysis Clinics, and Laundry Facilities. In 2001 I started working as a project manager for a company specializing in high end retail Furniture. During my time with this company I also gained experience engineering cabinets and furniture and as a CNC programmer and operator. 

All these experiences led me to the conclusion that I needed to be in business for myself, so I could follow my passion in the woodworking industry. Owning Made To Order Woodworks LLC has fulfilled many of my dreams and owning this company has created new ones. I am privileged to be part of your next project and that I can be part of your next dream coming true.